Extra love & care

  • Our Baby Cream gives a protective barrier preventing from nappy rash 
  • The Baby Bath gently cleans their delicate and sensitive skin. 
  • Baby Shampoo cleanses baby’s hair and scalp without irritation to eyes.
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Star ingredients

Chamomile oil is a naturally antibacterial & antiseptic.
Almond extract is rich in the antioxidant vitamin E and proteins.
Wheat proteins effectively preserve and improve the skin’s moisture.
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Wash your little one with Baby Bath and their hair with Baby Shampoo for gentle cleansing that cares for their skin and hair. Follow up with protective barrier Baby Cream to soothe and prevent nappy rash.
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Baby Shampoo

An extra-gentle daily shampoo with a mild formula that maintains natural moisture levels of the hair and skin, without aggravating or stinging your baby’s eyes.

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Baby Bath

A baby bath wash that gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin without drying it or interfering with its normal pH levels while protecting the skin flora.

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Baby Cream

Creates a protective barrier which prevents the development of nappy rash by protecting the skin from moisture, irritants and secretions.

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"The cream is great!"
"Excellent product, calms skin and keeps flare ups away!"
"By far the best nappy cream! My little one never has anything and it keeps his skin very moisturized."
"A winner in helping to keep the dreaded nappy rash away."
"As soon as we started using the Baby Shampoo on our baby, some spots on the head were reduced and have since started to recline."
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