Keeps skin vivacious and healthy.

  • Moisturises all three epidermal levels of the skin.
  • Activates cells to produce collagen and elastin.
  • Provides deep and long-lasting hydration.
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Star Ingredients

Fig extract: High in omega 3 fatty acids keeping skin moisturised along with natural anti-aging effects. 
Avocado extract’s vitamins and minerals enhance the skin’s radiance and gives a smoothing result. 
Hyaluronic acids: These magical acids ensure the skin is kept moisturised, drawing water into the skin.
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For effective results, we recommend that you use our cream twice daily in the morning and at night. These creams should be applied onto a clean and dry face and neck following your usual skincare routine.
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Moisturizing 24h Cream

A soft and refreshing cream enriched with herbal extracts and ceramides, these fast-acting active ingredients provide long-lasting hydration and boost collagen.

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Moisturizing Plus Cream

Activates the mechanism of gene skin expression and helps increase the production of collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and tones the skin.

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Moisturizing Rich Cream

Daily use of this cream strengthens and improves skin structure, increasing the density and tone of thin, fragile skin and preventing wrinkles.

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"An excellent cream! It keeps my skin moisturised for so long!"
"It has a lovely light texture, smells wonderful and my skin loves it!"
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