Atcom Internet and Multimedia S.A, is the leading web agency in the Greek market, with an extensive project portfolio and unrivalled experience on the creation of portals, e-Shops and web & mobile applications. 

Since its foundation in 2000, ATCOM has focused on the development of professional content management products and applications and has acquired an extensive client base that spans all principal market segments. As a result, ATCOM’s portfolio primarily includes a commercial software product, Netvolution™ (accompanied by standard Add-ons including the TapVolution Framework) which reflects the company’s focus on the growth of web applications, the management of digital content on the Internet as well as the rise of Mobile applications.

Atcom develops the most sophisticated web and mobile solutions and is engaged in continuous research & development and full in-house support for clients. Atcom seeks to efficiently serve the needs of businesses in the ever growing and demanding ICT market. 

In today’s highly competitive, global and corporate multilingual environment, Atcom offers top quality services and integrated solutions that cover a wide spectrum of requirements, from strategic analysis and planning of the clients’ digital presence to the implementation of all aspects of an interactive project (graphic design – web design, web authoring, web programming, testing – quality control, training) as well as SEO, usability, installation and post installation professional support services (Technical Support and Hosting).