Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema1.

It is most common in children but can occur at any age1.

It affects over 20% of children in developed countries and up to 9% of adults2.

FREZYDERM innovates and presents a complete range of specialized dermocosmetic products for the daily care of dry, sensitive, fragile, and atopic skin.

Suitable for babies, children and adults.


- the improvement and relief of the symptoms of sensitive skin with intense dryness, atopic predisposition and eczematous proliferations
- the reduction of the tendency to scratch (itch) that mechanically worsens the specific skin type

The new ATOPREL series is a complete and well-designed treatment regimen.

4 basic principles regulate the product formulations of the ATOPREL series:

- Lipid replenishment
- Moisturization
- Epidermal barrier strengthening
- Protection

2 key features encapsulate the identity of the ATOPREL line:

- Enhancement of normal skin microbiome (normal skin flora) and reduction of pathogen growth
- Regulation of the immune system and reduction of inflammation

Based on these principles and the characteristics of the ATOPREL identity, an algorithm was created to select the appropriate care scheme for dry, sensitive and fragile skin, depending on its temperamental and seasonal needs.

The Atoprel line is based on Functional Lipidic Content (F.L.C.) * which restructures the skin barrier and Non Volatile Content (N.V.C.) * which does not evaporate and acts as a protective film reducing dryness

With highly specialized ingredients:

- IMPROVES skin hydration
- STRENGTHENS the healthy microbiome
- REDUCES inflammation

All product formulations of the ATOPREL series contain highly specialized active ingredients:

- Vegetable oils and butters rich in omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids are combined with ingredients that contribute to the composition of the hydrolipid mantle. Dry, sensitive and fragile skin is replenished and its disturbed skin barrier is strengthened.


Ingredients of the most cutting-edge technology (probiotic & prebiotic technology) aim at enhancing the normal microbiome of the skin

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