Frezymar - Nasal Sprays

Good nasal hygiene is important in infants, children and adults. Excess mucus in nasal cavities can increase microbial proliferation and excessive dryness of the nasal mucosa. FREZYMAR sea water significantly moisturises the nasal passages thanks to its mechanical action and contributes to the washing off and removing mucus, easily restoring the nose's permeability. FREZYMAR sea water retains the special beneficial properties of natural sea water.

The water contained in FREZYMAR comes from Cancale Bay in Brittany, which is known for its water quality. The large tidal range (12m) and strong currents prevailing in Cancale bay prevent water pollution. Thanks to this unique combination, continuous self-cleaning of water is ensured and, therefore, its consistently high purity.

Samples are collected automatically when the water quality is optimal (after the tide period). The sample collection area is classified as Class A and is subject to continuous health checks (microbiological, chemical contamination, phytoplankton, pH, etc.).

The proper use of FREZYMAR sea water in daily hygiene in infants, children and adults acts as a therapeutic aid in some key indications, such as nasopharyngitis, obstructive rhinitis and sinusitis, nasal dryness, hoarseness due to mucosal dryness and as auxiliary treatment of otolaryngological and paediatric infections.

FREZYMAR Hypertonic sea water is a medical device that can be used in infants from three months of age, children and adults, in case of nasopharyngeal mucosa infection, catarrh and sinus infection, as well as snoring due to mucosal dryness. Hypertonic nasal spray removes excess secretions from mucosal cells by osmotic action. Apart from mechanical cleansing and decongestion of the upper respiratory tract, this osmotic action contributes to the reduction of mucosal swelling.


Anhydrous nasal barrier ointment

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Nasal Isotonic Solution 0.9% NaCl daily hygiene for infants from 0 months with sea water

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